Lexington OB-GYN Associates
Lexington OB-GYN Associates
1700 Nicholasville Rd Ste 701
LexingtonKY 40503
 (859) 278-0396

Reviews Of Lexington OB-GYN Associates

4.97 71 Reviews
Ni Sha
Apr 28, 2017

Would love to share my first delivery time at night .... Just by my kind lord grace I found the best Dr. Owen, I was not aware a single thing about him but when I came out from the hospital with my baby I really said thanks by heart to Doctor Owen ... Bcz he is a great man !! May god bless him such long life he will save millions and millions pregnancies and babies ... Thanks for all again .

Bre Mahan
Apr 25, 2017

Tom Denise Cain
Apr 24, 2017

Sylvia Neal
Mar 09, 2017

Rebecca Miles
Mar 08, 2017

Always had a good experience when I go there. The staff is friendly and answer any questions I have.

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