Lexington OB-GYN Associates   1700 Nicholasville Rd Ste 701 Lexington,KY40503   (859) 278-0396
Lexington OB-GYN Associates
1700 Nicholasville Rd Ste 701
LexingtonKY 40503
 (859) 278-0396

Reviews Of Lexington OB-GYN Associates

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Ni Sha
Apr 28, 2017

Would love to share my first delivery time at night .... Just by my kind lord grace I found the best Dr. Owen, I was not aware a single thing about him but when I came out from the hospital with my baby I really said thanks by heart to Doctor Owen ... Bcz he is a great man !! May god bless him such long life he will save millions and millions pregnancies and babies ... Thanks for all again .

Jessica Pelfrey
Dec 28, 2017

Amanda Zazycki
Oct 26, 2017

Love this office. Centrally located and easy to find. The office staff could not be more helpful or friendly. The whole team goes above and beyond to take care of you and your concerns. Highly recommend!

Teresa McClinton Ayers
Aug 24, 2017

We Love Dr. Owen, This our 3rd pregnancy under his care. 2nd High-risk. No Complaints.

Emily Cheak
Aug 14, 2017

Dr Ashmun delivered my baby in May. She is amazing. I started going to Lex OBGYN when I found out I was pregnant, I had heard so many good things about the practice. My labor went so fast, the epidural didn't have time to work. I was scared and didn't think I could do it. With her encouragement and about 10 pushes later my baby boy was born. And thanks to her I have pictures of my little one as soon as he was born. My husband was in shock, she had to remind him to get the camera out, I remember laughing so hard at this. Anyway, no matter where I live when we have our next one, I'll be coming back and seeing her. It was the absolute BEST experience! Couldn't have asked for a better doc.

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